A Letter From The President

Happy Admissions Day, Nevada!

On October 31, 1864 with integrity and dignity Nevada was given the honor of becoming the 36th State of the Union, and wears that distinction with the utmost pride. We have so much pride, in fact, our state capital, Carson City, was named USA Today's Readers Choice Award as "The Best Travel-Worthy Capital in the Nation"

Last year Nevada celebrated it's Sesquicentennial, 150 years old. We reminisced about growing in statehood. I wonder what it was like to be the people picking out our state flag, our motto, our nickname, our state flower ... the list goes on. This year, we chose ""Nevada, One State Many Cultures" as our parade theme to celebrate the many cultures that have helped define our state. Culture … what exactly does that mean? I pulled out my dictionary and decided to look it up, and I actually found quite a few different ways of explaining it. Not to worry, I won't give them all, but I will try to condense them while giving it the dignity and honor it deserves.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines culture as: "...a way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs of a particular group of people at a particular time." I would add that it is the characteristics and knowledge defined by everything from language, religion, morals, cuisine, social habits, music and art.

In reflection, I would say Nevada is an extremely diverse state. Looking at the poster for this year and seeing the many different flags flying across it, I am filled with pride for each and every one of those flags and the people who brought them to this state. Let us always remember those great pioneers, from the ones who were already here, to the ones who traveled across oceans, to the ones who were born here. This state is their legacy to us. Let us celebrate those many different cultures.

Nevada has grown and evolved with each of these different cultures into what it is today, a state rich in tradition, steeped in culture both old and new, and a place we can all be proud to call home. We should be proud of our culture and heritage, for that is what defines who we are!

Janet Baker, President, Nevada Day Inc.


Janet Baker, President
The President is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Nevada Day Inc.:

  • to create the meeting Agenda,
  • supervise the functioning of the Board,
  • to encourage the vision of the Board,
  • be the spokesperson for the Board,
  • Nevada Day Public Affairs Liaison, press and media spokesman,
  • Nevada Day Ambassador to the community at large,
    • Sponsorship
      • Marketing *
      • Corporation
      • Event Specific
    • Fund Development
      • Grants
      • Long Term Income

Bob Williams, Vice-President
The Vice-President is responsible for perform all the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.

  • Merchandising Manager
    • Nevada Day merchandise licensing
    • Product line development
    • outside sales
    • event development
  • Military support liaison
  • SECURITY liaison,
    • Emergency,
    • Police/Fire Coordination,
  • Head Quarters set-up and Operations

Ken Hamilton, Executive Director

Ken Brown, Treasurer
The Treasure shall also keep or cause to be kept and maintained an accurate and correct accounting of:

  • monies,
  • inventory,
  • other properties of the committee,
  • and shall insure that all taxes, assessments and bills are paid in a timely manor,
  • financial reports shall be provided to the Board at the regularly scheduled meetings.

Bernie Allen, Parade Director
It is the responsibility of the Parade Director to:

  • maintaining the Parade Committee,
  • conduct the Parade Committee meetings,
  • supervise the creation of the Parade,
  • supervise the functioning of the Parade,
  • create, maintain, preview Parade Applications,
  • recruit, organize, train, Parade Marshals,
  • order, manage, all Trophies.

Tim Nolte, Band Director
It is the responsibility of the Band Director to:

  • Liaison between Carson High School Band Booster Club and Nevada Day Inc.
  • Assist NDI President/Vice President in performance of NDI agreement with Booster Club,
  • Coordinate merchandise sales and sales booth.

Bonnie Betts, Retail Director

Robin Diane Travis, Membership Director


A Note From The Executive Director

After 151 years of statehood NEVADA, you're looking better than ever and still going strong! You're marching into the future handling the many changes that have taken place since 1864 with grace and style. I'd like to particularly honor those who were behind those changes – all the folks who have molded Nevada into the wonderful state we are today.

We, at Nevada Day Inc., would like to say thanks to the extremely diverse cultures who have contributed their beliefs, ways, dress, food, and arts to help define our beautiful and unique State. Thank you for deciding to make Nevada your home. Thank you for bringing traditions from your past homes with you. Thank you for not forgetting where you came from, and for keeping those traditions, values, and morals alive in our Silver State. I am so very proud to be part of the great state of Nevada, as I know many of you are. Nevada is truly "One State, Many Cultures."

Lastly, I have had the pleasure of being President of Nevada Day for the past five years, and it was an even greater pleasure to hand the reigns over to Janet Baker, the new President of the Nevada Day Board. The instant I met Janet, I knew she is all about community, preserving quality of life, and is an all-around genuine and wonderful person. Additionally, I'm pleased to announce long-time Nevada Day Merchandising Director, Bob Williams, is now also Vice-President of the Nevada Day Board. Bob has served on the Board for five years, and has many other community involvements as well. And since I couldn't step away from this tradition that I have come to love, I am pleased to continue on with Nevada Day Inc. in the role of Executive Director. Happy Birthday Nevada! We are all Nevada Proud.

Ken Hamilton, Executive Director, Nevada Day Inc.



Why do the parade?
Nevada Day is more than just a parade! It is Nevada's Heritage Celebration, a gathering of community spirit on the last week of October to salute our state's past and look ahead to its future.

What is the Nevada Day Charter? Preserving Nevada History through education

Why do we celebrate Nevada Day?
To remind the citizens how and when Nevada became a State. We are the only state to continue celebrating our historical entry into the Union in the Nation, that makes us unique.

Who supports the Nevada Day Parade, and how?
Grants from local and state government, and donations from businesses and private parties, and volunteer hours

Where do the funds go?
To support the parade, entry fees It goes directly to conducting the parade and back into the community through vendors, permits, insurance, operating costs, etc.

How do we decide on a theme?
The Board of Directors evaluates suggestions from the public to what best matches the NV Day charter, and would be fun and interesting.

How do I get in the parade?
Fill out an application, submit the application. All applications are reviewed by the Parade Committee - If accepted the applicant receives an acceptance letter with their Parade Entry Number and Division.

How long does it take to plan and organize the parade?
16 months

Who conducts the parade ?
Nevada Day Inc. a not for profit 501c3 business

What year did the parade start? 1938 Red Devil Brigade - Grass Valley California

Where was the first parade? 1914 Society of Nevadans until Mid 1930s


Celebrities John Asquaga, Patty Sheehan, the Gaylords, John Tyson, Robert Laxault, Benny Binion, William Lear, Judge Mills Lane

Movie & TV Stars Frank Sinatra, Jr., Clark Gable, Lorne Green, Michael Landon, George Goebel, the McGuire Sisters. In 2012, Kelsey Grammer, John Ratzenberger and John Voight were all guests on the Republican Party float.

Best Rifle Team USMC Drill Team
Biggest Horse Drawn Wagon Budweiser Clydesdale
Biggest Flag Wooster Colts - Wooster High School Reno Nevada
Largest Vehicle record for the parade V & T Locomotives; Inyo and Dayton
Only Non-Human Grand Marshal Inyo #22 V & T Engine
Politicians Governors; Vail Pitman, Charles Russell, Senator Richard Bryan, Lt. Gov. Rex Bell, California Lt. Gov. Roy Powers, Secretary of State William Swackhammer.
Oldest Continuous Parade Entry Robertson Family

2015 Nevada Day Committee (partial)

Pictured left to right, front row: Tim Nolte, Bonnie Betts, Ken Hamilton, Janet Baker | On stairs, bottom to top: Robin Diane Travis, Bernie Allen, Dana Lee Fruend, Bob Williams (not pictured: Ken Brown)

2014 Parade Sub-Committee

Pictured left to right: Denny Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Reynese Peterson, Bill Elliott, Lois Elliott, Lynn McPike, Bernie Allen

About the Nevada Day Committee

The all-volunteer Nevada Day Committee meets monthly all year long to plan the annual Nevada Day celebration in Carson City. They usually meet on the second Tuesday each month at the Nevada Day Store, 108 W. Telegraph Street in Carson City. The team meets bi-weekly during the month of September, and weekly during the month of October.

Anyone who is interested in either attending a meeting, or becoming a member of the committee, should contact Nevada Day President, Janet Baker.

Nevada Day Sub-Committees

  • Parade Committee: Bernie Allen, Bill Elliott, Denny Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Reynese Peterson, Lois Elliott, Lynn McPike
  • Beard Contest: Norm Luke
  • Hot Air Balloon Launch: Stephen Lincoln, Katie Griggs
  • Rock Drilling Contest: Fred Andreason, Ken Brown

Support Staff & Associates - The Nevada Day Committee is all-volunteer, with the exception of the following paid administrative/contracted staff and associates: